Gold Coast Marathon – done!

After being notified of a 2 hour delay for out flight home I thought it would be a good time to reflect on yesterdays Gold Coast Marathon….

My result was a 3h 23m time for the 42.2km.

The target time for the marathon was initially 3h 15m however after a couple of sick periods this was revised down to 3h 20m. All things considered I am happy with this results as a 3rd bout of man flu in the lead up weeks resulted in missing my ‘peak’ week that contained the last 35km hit out and some long speed sessions.

The day itself was great with perfect conditions, 20 degree max and almost no wind (until the final return leg). From the start I know I always go out with a slightly high HR above the target of 83% and this usually settles down after I get into a rhythm. Yesterday was different as I didn’t let it settle and held at 88% for the majority of the race rising to 90% for the last 10km. Too high I know and this showed in the 9% split difference between the first and second halves.

For me the race went well with the first 15 feeling easy (apart from know the HR was too high), the next 10 a little tougher and then a real slog from the 35km mark. THe final turn around mark at 34km seemed to take forever to reach with multiple faux turning points (like that damn roundabout over the bridge – I could have sworn that was the turnaround!). After this the run home was into a headwind that was not too bad but at this point I was certainly feeling it. Finally the finishing shute was fantastic, if not a little windy, with huge crowds. I used this to really push in the last few hundred meters just to see what I had left and managed to make up around 4 places. Good to know what was left in case I need those places in Busso…..

Thoughts on the actual run were what a great place to have an event! Great scenery, fantastic crowd support and with 25,000 competitors over the 2 days of racing really well organised. This was much tougher that the Ironman marathon (4h 11m) due to the pressure I was putting on myself for a good result rather than just finishing and boy it took a lot of self talk in those last 6km to not stop and walk.

Other items of note for the weekend:

  • Great result for Katie who completed her first half marathon.
  • Next time (for any event) we will get an apartment with a kitchen. Hotel meals are too limiting and expensive.
  • The Gold Coast does get cold in winter, especially at 4.30 in the morning
  • I am a crier; thanks to the bloke who asked if I was OK as I was sitting on the grass sobbing on the other side of the finish line.

Splits were as follows:

Five Kilometre Splits split time race time pace speed
5KM 0:22:58 0:23:47 4:35 13.06
10KM 0:22:57 0:46:44 4:35 13.06
15KM 0:22:59 1:09:44 4:35 13.05
20KM 0:22:51 1:32:36 4:34 13.12
25KM 0:23:12 1:55:48 4:38 12.93
30KM 0:24:05 2:19:53 4:49 12.45
35KM 0:25:18 2:45:12 5:03 11.85
40KM 0:27:15 3:12:27 5:27 11.01
Finish 0:11:45 3:24:13 5:20 11.23
Half Way Splits        
Half Way 1:36:51 1:37:40 4:35 13.07
Finish 1:46:32 3:24:13 5:02 11.88

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