Recovery week

OK here we are after my recovery week. So how did I recover, by exercising of course! Well not all exercise, it was like my old life – few drinks, catching up with non-triathlon friends, sleeping in, working on the race car (it’s nearly finished too!).

  • Distances covered this week:
    • Run 10km
    • Ride 23km
    • Spinervals 1 hour
    • Swim 2 hours
    • One on one coaching session
  • Unofficial recovery items:
    • 2 pizza’s
    • 1 x 3 course Italian dinner
    • 2 bottles of very nice wine
    • 5 beers

So that’s it! The heart rate is a little high still (to be expected) so I will keep an eye on this and try to get back some cycling fitness.

Now set that alarm for 5.45 am again…..


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Heading towards Ironman WA in 2010
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