So what do the numbers look like?

Well the post marathon review went OK with Coach Nigel, didn’t quite stick to the plan with the average HR at 85% (instead of the target 83%) and this showed in the large positive split for the back half of the run – lesson learnt! Given the bout of illness 2 weeks out we both agreed the end result was on target.

We then had a chat (and a reality check) about what a ‘sub 10’ result will look like and what it will take to achieve it – a stretch target to say the least! So what does it look like?

Swim – 58min – (last year 1h3m) this is 91sec / 100m

Bike – 5h5m – (last year 5h20m) a nice easy 35.5 kph

Run – 3h40m – (last year 4h11m) a finishing stroll at 5.21 min/km

All done at a steady 75% HR……

So the big piece of advice from last week’s one on one was; ‘Every session counts’ and with those figures you bet it does!!

Can I do it? Well I didn’t think I could go sub 4 for the marathon, or an Ironman at all so all I have to do is stay healthy, stick to the plan and make ‘every session count’ – sounds easy right.


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Heading towards Ironman WA in 2010
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