A changed reality

Ok so after todays ride we were sitting at Glenelg having a coffee (and in my case a croissant. This followed the caramel slice and banana on the ride too….(this is another change I was at the bakery wondering what was the most dense calorie item I could buy without filling me up)) and we were chatting as normal however once I got home I thought about this and had a little reality check.

Of the 7 people at the table 5 had completed an Ironman, one I wasnt  sure of as I hadn’t met him before, and the last one (that’s you Steve) was in training to do Busso as well! I am guessing however I would say that this group cover age groups from 25-55 year olds – amazing!

So it is important to remember that as you are being flogged up and down the hills or around the running track these are not ‘normal’ people you are dealing with they are anonymous yet incredible athletes!


About grantos

Heading towards Ironman WA in 2010
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