Finally a day off!

Sorry about missing last weeks stats however work pressures meant it was a hell of a week and the training suffered a little bit…

Good hills ride with the Lakers today, didn’t quite make the required 105-120km (came in at 97km) however I don’t feel so bad as I pushed  up the hills today and last night at the Coaching session I was told to still treat these as a social ride – there will be plenty of opportunities to push. 

Tomorrow is the first day of training since probably the Marathon and I am looking forward to it! Not muck work to do this weekend so I may finally be able to finish the race car. Just 4 bolts to sort out – then polishing, livery, log book, run in, set up…….a race car is never finished really.

Another difference is 2 Lakers runs per week now. 1 session was hill repeats and the other 600m efforts (x7) and I am happy to say I have been running in the A group – being dropped by about the 6th repeat but not by much. That is a massive improvement on last year.

So the stats for the last 2 weeks:

Combined totals (17 sessions / 20h05m / 320km / 11568kcal)

  • Swim
    • 5 sessions / 4 hours / 12km
  • Ride
    • 4 rides / 10h35m / 247km
  • Run
    • 5 runs / 4h7mins / 45km
  • Spinervals
    • 2 sessions / 1h40mins
  • Massage – 1hour (Woo Hoo)

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Heading towards Ironman WA in 2010
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