Ahh fatigue – welcome back….

Well after a 14h training week and a solid effort the last couple of days the fatigue has well and truly set in. I am telling myself that ‘fatigue is my friend’ however at last nights Lakers run we were not friends. An intro to 1km efforts was how the session was described and as you can see by this graph we were introduced very quickly.

So the stats for the week were:

9 sessions / 14h13m / 264.7km / 7444kcal

  • Swim
    • 2 sessions / 2 hours / 6.2km
  • Ride
    • 4 rides / 9h14m / 240km
  • Run
    • 3 runs / 2h15mins / 22km

About grantos

Heading towards Ironman WA in 2010
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One Response to Ahh fatigue – welcome back….

  1. 19david19 says:

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